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P0-B6: Part 1342: Debugging, Improvements

by on Dec.03, 2023, under Astral Realms, P-0, P0_B6, Software and Games, Spirit of the Stars, Spiritus Astrum

I have added the ability for shuttles to appear randomly in the world.

This means that the player can discover them and use them without having to start with a shuttle.

I want to add multiple “life paths” into the project in the future, and so it should be possible for the player to get around the world without necessarily having a shuttle or capital ship and crew under their command to begin with.

There is a lot of content that I have yet to add to this side of the project, but at the very least, I want to add three life paths, a starship captain, a survivor (Starting on an earthlike planet with no tools or items) and a “cyberpunk” or Urban/City Dweller (Starting in a city with a small amount of cash, but very few tools and items).

Only the starship captain will start with a shuttle and capital ship, and this is the “default” life path, but I need to add support for the others too.

The next goal will be to add a “starliner” to the world that will allow players to travel from system to system without the need for a capital ship.

This could be very difficult, since the game, so far, assumes that all players will have a capital ship.

But some characters (Such as nomad-type characters, solo survivors, etc) may not have a capship, so there needs to be some other way to travel long distances.


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