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U+2727: Four Pointed Star: Unicode character Sponsorship

by on May.05, 2016, under Miscellany, News

I recently discovered that it is actually possible to sponsor certain unicode characters, and also, that the “heart” of my logo is in fact a unicode character. It is U+2727, the Four-Pointed Star: I have sponsored this character on the official Unicode site HERE. I also get an official tweet from the Unicode channel: Phoenix […]

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NVIDIA PhysX, VisualFX (TurfEffects, HairWorks, etc) and T3D

by on Feb.07, 2016, under Miscellany, P-0, Software and Games

While researching technologies for my virtual world project, I looked into a realistic physics library. This would allow me to further explore dynamic content, by allowing players to, for example, construct objects, buildings, or simple machines from discrete elements in the world, using only the physics model to “Make them work”. I would not need […]

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Compiling and running older versions of Torque 3D with Visual Studio 2015 (On Windows 10)

by on Jan.09, 2016, under Miscellany, Software and Games, Tutorials

Having recently moved to Windows 10, I had to solve a few fairly minor issues when compiling Torque using the new 2015 edition of Visual Studio 2015. The current version of T3D (3.6.1) seems to compile fine, however, projects built with older versions don’t. Since I’m sure many developers, like me, are still working with […]

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Project Naming Conventions: P-0, P-152, Astral Realms (p101), Spiritus Astrum

by on Dec.02, 2015, under Astral Realms, Miscellany, News, P-0, Spiritus Astrum

I generally adopt a simple sequential naming convention for my Projects, P-165, P-166, etc. My current virtual world Project (Which I don’t have a name for yet) is P-152. However, I think that given the sheer complexity of the Spherical Terrain Implementation which I am currently working on, this element should have it’s own project […]

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Raspberry Pi 2: Compiling T3D

by on Oct.09, 2015, under Miscellany

I have learned of a problem with compiling and running a T3D dedicated server on the Raspberry Pi 2. The RPi 2 uses an ARM processor, and T3D features some Assembly code that make it incompatible with ARM processors. Even though the Pi may be powerful enough, T3D is unlikely to run without significant low-level […]

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Raspberry Pi 2: QtCreator and T3D Server

by on Oct.01, 2015, under Miscellany

I have installed QtCreator on the Raspberry Pi. It was relatively easy, except that I needed to use the program “attitude” to install QtCreator, since the usual “apt-get” method didn’t work. I have also learned that T3D on Linux can be compiled with QtCreator. My next goal is to compile T3D on the RPi and […]

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Raspberry Pi 2

by on Sep.29, 2015, under Miscellany

I have just finished setting up my Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer. I am actually posting this from the PI itself. Well, technically, from a VNC connection to the PI. So far, I am finding it amazingly fast, feature rich, and easy to use. It really is a fully fledged computer which could fit into […]

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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 6

by on Aug.13, 2015, under Inventions, Miscellany

This time I concentrated on the hilt of the blade. I began rounding out the handle, and making the finger choil (the protrusion at the end of the hilt, just before the blade, designed to prevent the users fingers slipping onto the blade during use).  I also flattened out the blade more. The top of […]

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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 6

by on Jul.05, 2015, under Inventions, Miscellany

Included are some pictures of my third forging session with my Damascus steel knife. It is finally starting to look like a knife. The tip of the blade is mostly done, and I have started narrowing the length of the blade in preparation for filing. I have to narrow the blade further, add the indentations […]

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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 5

by on Jun.21, 2015, under Inventions, Miscellany

I have uploaded some pictures of my second forging session. My knife is already starting to look vaguely knife-shaped, with the tip coming together nicely. I now need to work on the handle, refine the tip, and flatten the blade in preparation for taking an edge. I think the tip of the blade was the […]

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