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P0-B1: Part 1049: Dynamic Enemies

by on Mar.27, 2022, under Art and Designs, P-0, P0_B1, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

The AI logic is now mostly done.

It is relatively basic, but can handle detecting, chasing, and attacking the player, as well as getting into combat with other factions and native wildlife.

AI enemies can also surrender if they get too badly hurt, or run away.

AI can spawn in squads, and will continue to move and attack with their squad, in addition to spawning and fighting alone.

The next goal is to look at adding addressable assets to my project. This would allow me to load the custom content (uniforms, clothing, weapons, etc) without storing a reference in memory.

This is extremely important for performance reasons, since storing a reference to all art objects in memory would be a huge waste of RAM.


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