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P0-A5: Part 638: Server/Client Persistence/Object Paging

by on Oct.13, 2019, under Astral Realms, P-0, P0_A5, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have made further changes and improvements to the server system.

I am now storing all object positions in the mySQL database, and not on the server itself. This provides better persistence, and is also a more correct way of doing things.

It means that the server can be shut down without causing the objects to be lost.

I have also added a concept that allows the player to create persistent objects themselves, and have them paged to the server and the database. Eventually, this will serve as the basis for a crafting or construction system for the project.

There is still a lot of testing to do in all of this, but it seems to be going well.

The two cubes in the below image were both created in the world by the player and stored in the database. These were created in different runs of the game, and were stored in the database without data loss.


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