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P0-A2: Part 452: Static Ship Integration

by on Oct.07, 2018, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

Most of the integration is now done, but I have run into a major issue with the rotation when adding it to the existing control system.

It seems that I can rotate on one axis at a time, but not on all axes simultaneously. I also need to fix a few other issues caused by the changes to how the system is setup. I think this concept can still work though, but I haven’t yet confirmed if I will actually switch over to using it, there may still be other issues that I can’t fix.

I want to try to use a static ship concept for the main ship if I can, because not only will it fix issues caused by non-default orientation, I will also be able to use default navigation solutions, particle effects, various scripts and assets which assume a standard Y-up rotation, and also baked lighting, etc. It is worth investing more time in, but I am still not confident that it will work.


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