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P0-A1: Part 423: GUI’s, Radar, Bug Fixes, etc

by on Aug.12, 2018, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have done some more work on the GUI’s, and verified that the can display data in sufficient detail.

As the images below show, it is even possible to watch youtube videos on a laptop from within the actual game itself. I still need to improve the GUI interaction system, but the core mechanics work well.

I have also fixed several bugs with the Persistent world and long-distance travel systems. I hadn’t noticed them before since they only occurred in certain, specific cases. The persistent world system will need to be overhauled quite soon, it contains a lot of older, poorly optimised code, as well as test code, etc.

I also updated the radar asset that I am using to the pro version, which includes the source code. This should allow me to more easily make changes and improvements to it.

The next goal is to add a long-range map to the radar of all stellar objects in the vicinity of the players ship. This could be difficult, but with the improved radar, it shouldn’t take too long.

Screenshot (246) Screenshot (245) Screenshot (247) Screenshot (364) Screenshot (363)


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