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Icarus Rocket Calculator App Now On App Store!

by on Jun.04, 2014, under News, Software and Games

I have completed the “lite” version of my Icaus Rocket Calculator App.  It should be available shortly on the Play Store HERE. This app is basically an equation display and calculation tool, based on eleven of the equations from the Icaurs Project report (Available HERE) which itself is based on the notes I took while working on the Icarus project itself.

The “lite” version of the app is only €0.99, the standard price of an app in the app store, as stated previously, only includes eleven equations (Including one equation for calculating the Thrust to Weight ratio which doesn’t appear in the Icarus report). I am, however, thinking of creating another version with  many more of the equations from the report, and a filter to categorise them all. I will probably wait and see how well this app does before beginning work on that one.

This is the description for the app, from the store listing:

Icarus Rocket Calculator provides a useful reference tool and automatic calculator for eleven of the most common equations used in rocket science.

The program displays the equations for: DeltaV, Effective Exhaust Velocity, Specific Impulse, Gravity Losses, Drag, Burn Time, Burn Rate, Propellant Mass Fraction, Dynamic Pressure, Acceleration, and Thrust to Weight Ratio.

This app is extremely easy to use. The main screen provides a scrollable list of all of the equations, tapping one will bring you to the display for that equation.

This will allow you to view the equation, and enter the values needed to calculate it. When all required values have been calculated, the result will be displayed.

To go back to the main screen, simply use your devices back button.

A much more in depth document detailing the equations used in this app, as well and many more, can be found here:

Any comments or questions can be sent to:




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