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P0-MS4: Part 248: Infinite Universe, FTL Travel

by on Oct.01, 2017, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I am still working on the FTL system, but I believe I have it mostly functional.

I have decided to adopt a zone-based system, which will involve loading and unloading objects on a per-zone basis.

I wanted to try to  implement a seamless distance-based system, where objects would be loaded based on their distance from the player, but this would be incompatible with the random number generation system that I am using to create objects on the client.

I have added various different ways of moving around the world, both between zones and within zones, and I have implemented collision checking to make sure that players don’t end up colliding with another object.

Performance is acceptable, but there are still some framerate issues when travelling at high speed. I have read that Unity 2017.2 may have some optimisations that would make changing the positions of a lot of objects easier, so I will hold off on the final optimisations until I port to Unity 2017.2.




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