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P0-B7: Part 1392: Debugging, Improvements

by on Mar.31, 2024, under Astral Realms, P-0, P0_B7, Software and Games, Spirit of the Stars, Spiritus Astrum

I have spent some time debugging and improving the weather system in the game.

There were some issues with the weather system being called before the game had properly loaded, which resulted in the wrong weather seed being used.

There was also some issues with the snow weather effect, which meant that it was appearing suddenly, without fading in and out, these issues have both been fixed.

I have also solved a complex issue with the time of day system.

Previously, the player would simply be told what the server and/or local time was, but in a space game this is useless, since the day and night cycle will vary depending on the orbital period of the planet, it’s radius, distance from the sun, etc.

I created a relatively simple system to display a scaled, 0-24 hour time of day with text support, (Early Morning, Late morning, etc), that shows the same time segments regardless of the planet that the user is actually on.

This needs further testing, but so far, it works well.


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