Project 131: Artillery! Game Concept




“Artillery” is an addictive, turn-based game from Phoenix Game Development.  Players choose from a selection of tanks and other armoured vehicles, and must square off in an arena with up to 8 other human or AI controlled enemies. Realistic ballistic physics and random level generation make it easy to learn, but difficult to master.


  • Artillery boasts over 20 unique weapons, from conventional High Explosive Shells to Homing Missiles, Cluster Bombs and even the bizarre tunnelling self-propelled mine!


  • The game supports both multiplayer and single player modes. Players may form teams, or mix human or AI controlled opponents. Artillery supports both LAN and online play,  and features a leaderboard to keep track of players scores.


  • Since game maps are randomly generated, no two levels are the same, providing unparalleled replayability. The level generator is sophisticated enough to spawn players in intelligent locations, keeping the game balanced and fair, and preventing players from spawning in frustrating “impossible” locations.


  • Turns have a time limit, forcing the player to think on their feet and make quick decisions, poviding for a fun and faced paced game experience.

  • The wind effects can be turned off, for an easier challenge, or set to constant speed, or random, increasing the challenge.

  • Artillery features a wide variety of level types, from arctic tundra, to grassy plains, to cities and even an asteroid! Each level type has unique properties which affect gameplay, for example the arctic tundra features random blizzards which reduce visibility, the cities have buildings which get in the way of shots, and the asteroid has very low gravity which affects the way a shot flies.




The objective of Artillery is simple: to be the last player (or team) standing! The start location is randomly chosen, and the player may not move during the game. Each player first chooses from a selection of over 20 weapons, and then precisely aims their cannon by rotating and elevating the turrent, and adjusting the power of the shot. Artillery uses realistic ballistic physics, players must take into account the rotation, elevation, and power of the shot, as well as wind speed and direction, and the distance to the target. This makes for a fun, challenging experience.


Target Audience

Artillery is suitable for all ages, with its simple game rules and fun atmosphere. Users will need an internet connection for online play, but LAN and solo play will work without it.



Artillery is built using the Torque3D game engine, and is available on PC only.


© Phoenix Game Development, 2013


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