Project 108: Icarus Rocket Simulator Update: Gui's and Rocket Creator

The following are some screenshots of the gui and rocket builder of Icarus in action. I have reduced the scope of the rocket builder from my original idea. I had intended to model the rocket down the component level, modelling engine nozzles, pumps, etc, but at this stage I am modelling modules only, so the fuel tank, oxidiser tank, engine module, payload, etc can all be customised. I am modelling a large variety of variables,and many of them will be autocalculated when the user enters the required data. For example, setting the internal diameter of the rocket and the weight and type of fuel and oxidiser used will calculate the volume and the height of the fuel and oxidiser tanks.
Multiple stage are modelled, and during the rockets flight they will be removed as the fuel is used up. I am not modelling the effects of gravity for the spent stages, just the rocket. The simulator will create two sets of log files, one for the rocket designer and one for the flight simulation. These are plain text files which contain every piece of information about the rocket and it's flight, Max Speed, Altitude, etc. This allows people to swap files online if they want to, as long as the file isn't modified, it will work perfectly well on another computer.
I have not accurately modelled the shape of the nose cone, engine nozzles, and tail fins. The reason for this is these are complex problems to solve by themselves for a particular rocket, but to combine them together and allow the user to dynamically model the geometry of these components is not something I have time to do right now. The fins, nozzles, and nose cone are scaled to maintain proportion with the rest of the rocket, and the numbers displayed in the gui and used in the simulation are accurate, but the artwork is not mathematically accurate.
I have some more work to do on the physics system, as well as some debugging and final checks, but I am relatively close to a demo of this.

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