Project 129: Sleep Learning App Beta


I have completed a beta version of the Sleep Learning App that I spoke about in previous posts.

 It is not really ready to be uploaded to the play store, especially since even the underlying concept is experimental.

The concept is that listening to this tone while studying a piece of material will associate that material with the tone subconsciously. Then, playing the tone back at night will trigger the subconscious mind to recall the piece of information, aiding in recall.


To use the app:

First, Type a name for this tone into the text field. It should be something memorable.

Then press the "Generate" button, this will produce a short random sequence of tones.

Next,  press "Save Tone". This will write the tone to a file for permanent storage.

The "Delay" text fields are used to specify a time, in hours and minutes, before the tone is played. This can be useful at night, to give the user a chance to go to sleep before the tone starts playing.

The "Run for" text fields are used to specify how long, in hours and minutes, that the tone will be played for. This can be used to ensure the tone stops playing before the user wakes up, or only plays for the duration of a study cycle.

Pressing play will start the tone after the "Delay" time has elapsed, and run it for the time specified in the "Run for" text fields. Pressing stop at any time will stop the tone playing.

The "Load Tone" button will allow the user to select or delete tones that have been previously saved.


The App can be downloaded here.

 Bug reports and comments can be sent to


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