Project 124: DataCache: Complete

I have finished the prototype off the DataCache. I have a few software bugs to fix in the Android App, and some testing to do, but everything else is working fine.

The project was a lot more complicated than I thought, but I did achieve what I set out to achive.

In summary, the DataCache is a small solar powered bluetooth enabled data storage device. Anyone withing range of the DataCache with a bluetooth enabled phone or other device and the App that I wrote will be able to connect to it, and access it's data. At the moment, the DataCache contains a Log, which can be read or written to by anyone who finds the cache, and a long text file, which is not user writable.

This kind of idea could be an interesting new take on the GeoCaching hobby that is quite popular today.

The small microchip next to the 2 coin is a boost converter. It takes the 2.6V from the batteries and increases it to 5V for the Atmel chip and the circuit. The chip itself is a low power version, and should run on 1.8V, but the other components in the circuit require 5V.

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