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Language Learning Program Uploaded to store

by on May.29, 2014, under News, Software and Games

I have uploaded an Estonian Language learning program that I wrote to my online store, and the other ones that I use. This is not a new program, I wrote it a long time ago, I just recently found it when I was looking through my old hard disk.

The program basically loads a series of words and phrases (In a foreign language, with an English translation) from a user-modifiable text file, and prompts the user with either the Foreign Language or English language phrases.. The user must then provide the correct reply.

This version was designed for the Estonian language, since I was learning it at the time, but really the only language specific elements of the program are the Estonian special characters that can be entered into the text field using the on-screen buttons. This program could be used for any language, if you have some means of entering the special characters for the chosen language.

I intend to make an updated version of this program with improved features, designed for multiple languages. I will need to include some kind of on-screen keyboard functionality.

It can be purchased from my store HERE.

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