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P0-B4: Part 1214: Debugging, Improvements

by on Mar.12, 2023, under Astral Realms, Meridian, P-0, P0_B4, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have made some client and server improvements to the Login system.

It is now possible for the user to have multiple characters stored on the server, and by using a different username for each, the user can select which one they want to play as.

The save/load system in the game does not allow for multiple saves per character, this is by design (I do not want players to be able to save before a major decision, and load again if they don’t like the results, this harms immersion).

However, I do want players to be able to experience the world in different ways, with different characters, possible at the same time, this is now supported.

The client variables (inventory, etc) still only support one character, I will need to optimise this in future, but the server side support works great.

I have also made changes to the database to improve security, which is an important step before release.


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