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P0-A9: Part 846: Character Selector

by on Jan.10, 2021, under Uncategorized

I had some issues gettiing the character system to work over the internet, although most of these are now fixed.

I am now storing the users character in the database, and paging this over the network, so that the correct character model for each player is chosen and rendered.

I also have correct object models for the players shuttle and their main ship stored, and I am correctly sending animation data as well.

The main issue now is that this system is quite slow, and the movement of multiplayer characters is quite choppy, but I should be able to fix this by adding linear interpolation later.

There are some issues with the server that I will need to fix at some point, but since UNET is due to be replaced in the near future I will likely wait until I am ready to transition to a UNET replacement before I spend any more time on the server.


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