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P0-A7: Part 774: 2020.1 Port

by on Jul.26, 2020, under Astral Realms, P-0, P0_A7, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

Unity 2020.1 has officially come out, and I have almost finished successfully porting the project to this version (from 2019.3).

I had some minor issues with networking, which was due to an initialised variable in one of my custom server messages. This worked fine in previous versions of unity, but in 2020.1 it gave an error, but this was an easy fix.

Everything else went fine, there were no issues, except for with Virtual Reality support.

Unity has deprecated the VR platform that I was using in favour of a new XR interaction toolkit. Thankfully, in 2020.1, the old platform is still usable, so I was able, with some effort, to get it working.

VR support now works fine, but in 2020.2 I will need to do quite a bit of work porting over to the new XR system or VR support will stop working.

2020.1 has some huge advantages over 2019.3. First of all, the 4GB texture bug is fixed, which means I don’t need to split my asset bundles into chunks smaller than 4GB.

2020.1 is also much faster. Switching from another program to the editor (when the code and assets haven’t changed) is instantaneous, and there are now better indicators of how long operations are taking.

I should be able to finish the first version of my project in 2020.1, I can worry about porting the VR code, and some other assets, once I have finished this.


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