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P0-A6: Part 701: Environment Variables

by on Mar.01, 2020, under Astral Realms, P-0, P0_A6, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

Most of the variables and actions are now working.

The player can combine objects together, use tools on objects, and perform various actions on them.

The player is also affected by the environment in various ways, and can be injured, etc, by various actions.

The player can also pick up and move objects easily.

The next goal is to integrate the concept work that I have done into that actual project itself, and create some kind of inventory or menu system to handle storing, moving, and using various objects.

I really want to avoid a “bag of holding” type of inventory system where any objects that are picked up disappear from the world and appear in an out-of-universe (Non-Diegetic) gui.

This is commonly done with RPG type games, even realistic ones, where players can store far more objects that they could in real life.

I would like to try to create an ultra-realistic inventory system. The best example that I can think of would be the fifth “Alone in the Dark” game, where the main character stores all of his items in pockets inside his jacket, and to check your inventory the player opens the jacket and looks down. There is no menu, it’s all done in a first person perspective.

The problem with this is that it can often be clunky and awkward to use if it’s not done exactly right, and there is a limit to how many items a player could carry, and how big they could be.

The focus of my project is on realism, and on modelling the real world in an artificial form, so a Diegetic (in-universe) system like this could work.

In real life, a person would not carry dozens of items at once, they would just carry a small number. So I could in fact create an in-universe inventory system, instead of a screen. For large, bulky items, I could assume that the player can only carry one at a time, and that they are carried in the players hands. This would be a break from how regular games work, but it could fit the style of game that I am trying to create.


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