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P0-A5: Part 655: Art

by on Nov.24, 2019, under Art and Designs, P-0, P0_A5, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have been experimenting with various texture techniques, and I have created a simple art piece to demonstrate how to apply one texture to multiple objects.

The clock that I have made is actually several unique objects, the each of the hands, body, etc, are all different. That is how I was able to connect the hands of the clock up to a unity script, and rotate them separately, to make a clock capable of displaying either the system time, or a specific in-game time.

The hard part was texturing all of these objects using just one texture.

The solution was to combine all objects together, export and texture them in substance painter, and then break them up into distinct objects and export them again.

When breaking them up, they will retain the UV mapping coordinates of the combined object.

Using one texture is obviously far more efficient than using multiple smaller ones.


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