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P0-A3: Part 513: Art

by on Jan.27, 2019, under A3, Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have decided to replace the art for the main capital ship in the project.

The current ship is quite basic, and the interior textures especially are unfinished. I think I can improve this, but I need to redesign the layout of the ship.

The aim is to make it more visually interesting and complex.

I will hopefully be able to reuse at least some of the complex interior scenes that I have created, because some of my more recent ones are quite good. I will probably need to modify them though, so that then align properly with the different exterior layout.

With substance painters procedural texturing abilities, this should, hopefully, be possible.

I have completed a basic design for the outside of the ship, which I think looks ok. I next need to get a concept for the interior layout done, and I can then add detail to produce the final art, and begin unwrapping/texturing, etc.


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