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P0-A3: Part 506: Persistent Server Refactor

by on Jan.13, 2019, under A3, Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have added a conceptual system to allow objects to be loaded into and out of the scene with very, very little framerate impact.

This is a powerful ability, and I should be able to use this to create a proper paging system for the first time.

I will need to modify my existing paging system, and overhaul quite a bit of it, which will take time. My current setup is complex, and needs to handle multiple object types.

For example, I don’t want player-controllable objects to be paged out, even if they are out of range. I also want to instantiate/destroy simple objects, and just use loadsceneasync for complex ones.

Loadsceneasync will also allow me to get around the 4GB resource file limit in unity. I was having an issue with my unity builds that was caused by an asset file that was too large. Splitting this into multiple scenes solves this issue.


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