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P-148 Heist Update 1

by on Jun.27, 2014, under News, Software and Games

I have been working quite hard on the concept demo of my latest game project. I have completed the basic level design, as well as impleemented many of the games core features, including alarm systems, tools, breakable glass, and doors.

The player is able to use a variety of tools to gain information about the information about the world, such as basic and advanced multimeters. The basic multimeter only tells the player if a cable or device is live or dead, which allows them to determine if it is safe to cut or bypass. The advanced multimeter includes a detailed oscilloscope screen, which allows the player to see the exact state of the data lines going into the device.

Some simpler alarm systems can simply be cut with the wire cutters to disable the alarm, however, advanced models have a “heartbeat” feature which sends a coded message to the alarm from a junction box. If this heart beat is not returned, the alarm will go off. The basic multimeter will not show this heartbeat, but the advanced one will, and it is possible to use the information from the multimeter to bypass the junction box and disable the alarm.

I have also included the obligatory air vents for the player to crawl through, every stealth based game must have these!


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