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P0-MS5: Part 363: Debugging, Optimisation

by on Apr.29, 2018, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have finished testing the persistent server.

The player can now move between navigation zones (there are essentially large areas populated from an individual seed, each one would approximately represent a “solar system” or similar region of space) and stellar objects, as well as move the ship manually and by specifying coordinates, and when they disconnect from the game, they will resume at their previous position.

Currently, this only works for the players main “capital” ship, if the player leaves the ship their position will be reset back to it when they rejoin the game, however this is still an important step in the creation of a multiplayer persistent world game.


Screenshot (61) Screenshot (69) Screenshot (70) Screenshot (71)


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