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P0-MS5: Part 323: Art Improvements, Concept

by on Feb.18, 2018, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have figured out how to model separate objects and export them to substance painter while making the UV across each object line up.

The below images are actually three separate objects, and the red line has been painted in substance painter across the three objects. There is no discernible distortion or seam between the three objects (except for the one object that is placed slightly wrong, but that isn’t a texturing issue).

This means that I can model my interiors as separate chunks, which will allow me to keep texture density high without using massive texture sizes, but I will also be able, (hopefully) to easily paint unique details across the entire inteior object in substance painter.

For larger FPS-style levels, a modular approach would be typical (IE, create a few different types of wall, floor, ceiling, etc, and join them together in the engine to make the level), but this approach allows for very little uniqueness. It is possible to add some decals in the engine, and some random game objects, but basically each modular element is the same.

For a simulation style game like mine, I needed the ship to be as detailed as possible, since the players will be spending a lot of time there. This required the ability to manually paint details onto a large interior object. I think the approach I am using now should allow me to do this.


livingquarterswallconcept livingquarterswallconcept2


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