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P0-MS5: Part 319: Art Improvements, Concept

by on Feb.11, 2018, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

One of the last things that I really need to do to achieve proof of concept for this project is to improve the art for the main ship the player will be controlling.

The first thing that I intend to do is to make the new ship as small as possible, by reducing the crew size to 6-8, and merging as many rooms together as possible. This should make modelling faster.

I will still have issues with texturing a complex object like this, particularly the interior.

I have mostly finished the basic concept of the exterior of the ship, but it is not fully finished, or textured, yet.
I have decided to model the exterior as a single object, and the interior compartments as separate objects. This should make it easier to make a smooth, flowing texture on the exterior with no seams, while I will still be able to have high texture density on the interior rooms. The only problem will be adding windows and doors between the exterior and interior, but I can should be able to solve this reasonably easily.

3dsmax 06/02/2018 , 02:42:36 AM shipconceptmk11concept.max - Autodesk 3ds Max  2015

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