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P0-MS4: Part 283: Final Testing, Debugging

by on Dec.03, 2017, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

I have created a concept for a new rotation system for the large starships. Currently, I am rotating the actual ship objects, and their contents, but this causes some issues.

Firstly, I cannot use unity navmeshes, which are more advanced than the system that I have created, and secondly, there are minor issues with rotating the ship and all of it’s contents, particularly with regards to AI. Sometimes they can get stuck, or their pathfinding solutions can break while the ship is rotating. Keeping the ship in one place, and not rotating it, would solve this.

The only way to do this would be to rotate the world in the opposite direction to the ship, and I have done this using the “RotateAround()” command in Unity. There are some issues with it, particularly with regards to the Space Exploration Engine’s planets, but the perliminary concept has gone well.

If this works, I can reimplement Unity navmeshes, and hopefully solve a lot of the longstanding issues I have been having with the AI. I will still use my current navigation solution (which uses A*) for dynamic pathfinding, on planet surfaces, etc. I am not sure how I will add buildings with detailed interiors to the planets. I may be able to use Unity’s solution if it supports static rotation (IE, the building is not oriented in a Y-up orientation, but the navmesh is baked and it is not modified), but I will need to do further research into this.


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