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P0-MS4: Part 252: Randomised Planets

by on Oct.08, 2017, under Astral Realms, P-0, Software and Games, Spiritus Astrum

In addition to other minor tests and improvements of the FTL system, I have also begun working on randomised planets.

Currently, every planet essentially looks the same. The position and radius are different, and the seeds used to generate the terrain are different, but the textures are the same.

I intend to fix this. The first step was to integrate the planets with the randomised generation system that I have created. This was a little trickier than I thought, since I was using a unique prefab object for each planet, and then instantiating that prefab. Extending this system would require a unique prefab for each planet, which wouldn’t work.

I now have a much more advanced system where a “template” prefab is instantiated, and then this is modified to suit whatever planet I am trying to create. I can now spawn planets randomly, and as easily as any other stellar object. The next step is to add a random texture system.

ss8-6 ss8-3



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