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Weekly Update: 23/3/2014: Thermal Imager, Online Store, DataVault, Icarus II, Nickel Iron Battery, Electronic Logbook

by on Mar.28, 2014, under Inventions, News, Software and Games

I was involved with a lot of different projects this week. I have two more new projects that are currently in the research phase, I will announce these shortly.

In addition to those, I have had to rethink my Thermal Imager project. I intend make a more detailed post on this soon, but in short, the idea I had to pan and tilt the thermopile will likely not work. It has to do with the Field of View of the thermopile sensor being too wide, and overlapping each scan with the previous one. I have some ideas for modifications, which I intend to work on.

I am starting an online store for software. I sometimes sell software on ebay, but it’s not really optimal, with fees, and the hassle of listing and relisting items. Starting an online store here will allow me to direct people to it to handle sales of products I develop, and can be expanded on in future to possibly include other items and products.

I already made a post about long-term data storage, and “Data Vaults”. This is something that I have been thinking about, and I may produce a prototype of this concept.

While researching the DataVault idea, I realised that I would need some kind of battery capable of lasting much longer than a regular battery. I came across a battery design called a “Nickel-Iron Battery” or an “Edison” battery, after its inventor, Thomas Edison. This type of battery can last up to 100 years without failing, and can be discharged to 95% of it’s capacity without damage! I intend to produce a prototype of this battery, and evaluate it for use in the DataVault and other projects.

Another project that I began working on this week is an electronic log book. I will be posting in more detail about this too as the project progressess, but, it is, as it’s name suggests, a program designed to store and organise data for engineering, science, or any kind of project type work that would require frequent recording of information.


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