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Oculus Rift Support in T3D

by on Jun.10, 2016, under Software and Games, Tutorials

I have recently begun the task of getting Oculus Rift support working in T3D. It seems that many of the tutorials and guides on the internet are out of date, so hopefully this post will be of use to someone.

Firstly, I have discovered that the Oculus SDK is not actually used with T3D. Instead, the OpenVR SDK (SteamVR) is actually used, since this support both the HTC vive and the Oculus Rift.

Another issue is that the latest release of T3D (3.8) still uses Directx 9, while the Rift Requires at least DirectX 11. Fortunately, there are builds of T3D which have DirectX 11 and Open VR support. This are mainly aimed at a future T3D 3.9 release, but they are functional, although I have found the DirectX 11 support a little rough around the edges.

The latest DirectX 11/Open VR build is HERE Github). The latest OpenVR SDK can be found HERE.

The steps to include OpenVR are:
Use the Torque Project generator to add the modules “Extended Move” and “DirectX 11” to a chosen project.
Regenerate the solution.
Then add the Includes for Open VR (Making sure to add the OpenVR_api.dll to the games executable directory as well).

In visual studio 2015, I noticed that I had to use “retarget solution” after regenerating the projects, but this did not cause a problem.

This solves the code side of the problem.

On the script side, the official tutorial is also out of date, since it relies on hooking into the Oculus SDK. A sample DX 11/Open VR T3D demo can be found HERE.

Copying this project would probably be the easiest way to implement the OpenVR script changes.


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