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Very useful new Screenshot App: Screenshot Captor

by on Jan.24, 2016, under Software and Games, Tutorials

Having recently upgraded to a new 4K monitor, I noticed that my previous screenshot tool was no longer working. It was only capturing a portion of the image. This is likely due to tool not being capable of handling the new resolution.

There are a few options within Windows 10 to take screenshots, but they don’t seem to work too well. The default option (Windows key and PrintScreen) takes a screenshot of all monitors at once, which is not suitable if you just want to capture the active window.

I eventually found “screenshotcaptor” which is a free and very powerful screen shot tool. It supports windows 10, multiple monitors, and high resolution monitors. It also has a huge array of customisation options, and even a built in image editor.

I was able to change the key used to capture the active window (by default, printscreen is used to capture the entire screen, and alt printscreen is used to capture just the active window, I wanted one-button capturing of the active window). I was also able to customise the name format of my output images. So, I have “Phoenix Game Development <date/time>” for each one. This is very useful when capturing images for a website of blog, since a lot of traffic comes from image searches, so having the name of your blog in the image name is basically free advertising.

Something else this program does that my previous program didn’t is that it can take screenshots from all monitors, not just the primary display. There are a whole host of other options in this program, which I haven’t changed yet.





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