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Project 136: Thermal Imager Project Update 10: False Colour Mapping

by on Sep.27, 2015, under Inventions, Tutorials


I have successfully implemented the heat map, or false colour map. The quality of the resulting image isn’t fantastic, but it is quite good. I am confident that with proper post processing, such as interpolating, smoothing, etc, I can increase the quality even more.

I implemented the heatmap by first converting the temperature information to HSV format (Hue, Saturation, and Value). I used the temperature value as the hue, and hardcoded the saturation and value. I then rewrote  some useful code that I found into processing and used it to convert the HSV value into an RGB value.

The next goal will be to do some debugging with the Arduino sketch. At the moment I am printing the data out using the serial port, which is slow. This is causing the Lepton to go out of sync, and stop sending data. I need to avoid using the serial port at all until I am finished capturing images.

I will then implement some post-processing techniques, as well as add the TFT screen and SD card to my project, and build a housing for it.

The first few images have the colours reversed, red is cold, blue is hot, I corrected that for the rest of the images.

I have created a github repo for all of my code and resources HERE.


PhoenixGameDevelopment18 Sep. 26 23.12PhoenixGameDevelopment19 Sep. 26 23.12PhoenixGameDevelopment21 Sep. 26 23.15  PhoenixGameDevelopment23 Sep. 26 23.16  PhoenixGameDevelopment25 Sep. 26 23.19 PhoenixGameDevelopment26 Sep. 26 23.20    PhoenixGameDevelopment32 Sep. 27 01.18 PhoenixGameDevelopment31 Sep. 27 01.15


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