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P-156: Update 14: Level Design, Level Builder

by on Mar.23, 2015, under Software and Games, Software Engines, Uncategorized

This week I spent most of my time working on the level building tools for this project.

I have created a relatively complex object-based system, where each object contains a model file, a scale, a position, and various pieces of additional information.

The objects are then stored in a list, and elements of this list are selected and rendered depending on the players view direction. The system is relatively simple, but looks very good.

I have also added basic object manipulation, such as selection, as I previously mentioned, and user interaction, such as the ability to open doors. I have also added simple collision detection, walls, for example, are impassable, closed doors are also impassable, while open doors are not.

Players also have a simple inventory system, and I have created a simple onscreen gui and text prompt system to inform the player of game events.

I have included most of the elements now to create a basic game, except networking and sound. I have also not included animation support, but this would not be, strictly speaking, necessary.


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