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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 4

by on Jun.07, 2015, under Bushcraft, Inventions, Miscellany

I have included a video of my first forging attempt that I just had converted. Also, I believe I have solved most of the problem with the forge. I have discovered that it is possible to weld using just car batteries. I could use some very simple tack welds to create a handle to hold […]

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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 3

by on May.31, 2015, under Bushcraft, Inventions, Miscellany

I have completed a test firing of my forge. It seems to work well, I can easily bring the Damascus steel up to forging temperature. I have noticed some problems however. First, my anvil is insufficient for the kind of work I am doing, secondly, the air flow is not strong enough, and thirdly, my […]

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P-160: Metalworking Forge Update 2

by on May.24, 2015, under Bushcraft, Inventions, Miscellany

I have mostly completed my forge design. I am using regular (non-fire bricks) to make the outside of the forge, and I am lining the inside with fire bricks. I am then using fire cement to seal the cracks and joints between the fire bricks. The air pipe is a 2 inch diameter exhaust pipe […]

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Data Recovery with DDRescue

by on Dec.21, 2014, under Miscellany, Software and Games

ddrescue┬áis a linux based tool for recovering data from failed or failing hard disks. I had the unfortunate need to use this tool on a badly corrupted (and partially physically damaged) disk some time ago, and I would like to post about it’s incredible effectiveness. The disk in question was a 250GB laptop disk. It […]

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New Business Cards

by on Dec.07, 2014, under Art and Designs, Miscellany

I just received my new business cards. I got them from Vistaprint, I think they came out very well. I could have made the logo smaller, and the writing bigger, but they look good. I had them branded with “Phoenix Advanced Concepts” to make them more generically appropriate.  

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Boot Sector Corruption, Windows Boot Manager, and the importance of verification of backups!

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Miscellany

I recently purchased a large, 3TB drive to replace my existing backup drive. This is an internal SATA disk, which should allow for much faster backups (around two hours). My current backup strategy is to store one full backup per day for a week, and then overwrite the older backups one by one, so I […]

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Word Clouds for Phoenix Game

by on Jun.15, 2014, under Miscellany

I have been working my way through some online training provided by Social Talent. This is aimed mostly at the recruitment field, but there is a lot of useful information about Search Engine Optimisation, and profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) optimisation. One of the tools I have learned about is Wordle. This website is a free […]

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